Kustaa Saksi

Wow. Behold the psychedelic tapestries of Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi.

In his his current series, “Hypnopompic,” the thread master combines surreal imagery with the traditional practice of jacquard weaving, resulting in a series of wild textile artworks that mimic that semi-dream state we all experience right before we wake up. And man, some of the creatures in these dreams would make me want to wake up. But they are so beautiful, the graphic quality is stellar, the patterns are hypnotic, and the medium, weaving, gives the final result an incredible richness. I love his color statements too. I think my favorites are the ones with grasshopper. I like the elegant lines made by their long antenna and thin legs. Has anybody else picked out a favorite?



2 thoughts on “Kustaa Saksi

    • Excellent choice! I really like the composition and the color statement in that one also! And yellow is one of my favorite colors. The red one with all of the monkeys/apes is another one I really respond too. I think the composition is very dynamic in that one.

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