Busy week guys, apology with some screen prints by Andy Wilx

I am so sorry guys. This week work has been crazy. I have been doing gallery rotations, simultaneously accommodating new artists while wrapping things up with the artists who are leaving. So you may know show it gets frantic in the office as you try to keep track of all your duties as well as everyone else’s ditties for the closing AND opening receptions and tracking all of the sales. And I am happy to say the artists have been making plenty of sales 🙂
SO though its been tiresome, I have been very happy to be running frantically through out the building, gallery to gallery, because selling art is a great thing and I love that our featured artists are doing so well. BUT that means I have been slacking on the blog posting.

So as an apology I thought I’d share some pics of one of my favorite screen printers, Andy Wilx. Rain Birds is my favorite print, so its first. I love the patterns Wilx uses in his prints and the super vivid colors. And the way he abstracts the animals in his prints to incorporate texture, design and organic motifs, I just find it all very rich and stunning. So I think you will like his work. Here’s the link to his website so you can browse his work for yourself, but I did post my favies— so enjoy!

Rain and Birds

Two Crows

Dreaming of a Fish

Bear in a Boat

Urban Horse

Girl and Lion: Purple


Light Seagulls

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